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Zweite Expansion für Solforge Fusion ab jetzt erhältlich

Für Solforge Fusion ist ab sofort die erste Expansion"Battle for Whitefang Pass" erhältlich. Neben 10.000 neuen Karten und Foils werden auch neue Kartentypen (Exalted, Solbind und Slay) eingeführt:

Solbind cards are a new card rarity that debuts in Battle for Whitefang Pass. They are represented as an extra double-sided card that can show up in a player’s Faction deck. This card is kept in a player’s Upgrade Pile at the start of the game. Cards in a player’s deck will reference a Solbind Card and bring that card into play from the Upgrade Pile.If a card ability instructs a player to play a Solbind card while one of its two sides are in play, that ability will fail to play the Solbind card.If a Solbind Card leaves play, it is put back into a player’s Upgrade Pile instead of the Banish Pile. They can’t be Reanimated.
When a Solbind card Transforms, flip that card over so that its other side is revealed without changing its lane and/or row unless otherwise specified by the card. Transforming a card counts as playing a new card and triggers any abilities that would trigger from playing a new card but doesn’t count as replacing the previous side.Only a card in play can be Transformed.
While a double-sided card is in play, only the revealed side is in play for the purposes of game rules and effects.When an ability instructs a player to play or Transform a card, it is only referring to the copy of that card that came in the same Faction Deck as it.

Battle for Whitefang Pass introduces a powerful new type of Spell, Exalts, that create a persistent effect on the game!Exalts are a new type of spell which, unlike normal spells, are put into play in the bottom of lanes like creatures. Some Exalts have Deploy abilities similar to creatures which trigger when they are played. Exalts have abilities that affect the lane they are in.
When an Exalt is played, it doesn’t replace a creature in the lane it is played into. Further, a player may play a creature in the same lane in which they control an Exalt. A lane in which there is an Exalt, but no creature is still considered an empty lane.If a player plays an Exalt into a lane in which they already control an Exalt, the previous Exalt is replaced with the new Exalt.A player’s Exalt can’t be moved into the same lane as another Exalt they control.

Slay is a keyword that means “When this destroys an enemy creature.”A creature’s Slay abilities can be triggered by destroying an enemy creature through combat damage, Battle, Strike, or one of its abilities.

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