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Ashes Reborn: Neue Errata und FAQ

Für das Expandable Card Game Ashes Reborn von Plaid Hat Games wurde ein neues Errata- Dokument veröffentlicht. Dieses beinhaltet Anpassungen für folgende Karten:

Salamander Monk Spirit

Salamander Monk has seen an extraordinarily high amount of play for the lifetime of Ashes Reborn, for many reasons. Costing only a single class die, this conjuration represents a very low resource commitment for the amount of upside it affords. Its two 1/1 bodies aggressively and efficiently pressure your opponent’s Phoenixborn guard. Effects that require sacrificing a friendly unit cost very little with Salamanders on the board, oftentimes even benefitting from the sacrifice. For these reasons, we felt it was time to change the power of this card in some way. While the summon spell and Salamander Monk will remain the same, the Salamander Monk Spirit will be changed to a conjuration count of 2, an attack value of 0, and its ability changed to Fleeting. Going to 0 attack takes away the innate offensive utility that made combatting this unit so challenging, but will still allow for decks using attack buffs to make use of the extra unit in play. The ability change also allows the Spirit to be declared as a blocker, shifting its role from a guard-pressuring attacker to a reliable defender. Fleeting is put into place to minimize the amount of defensive value Spirit can provide long-term.

Brennen Blackcloud

Brennen has risen to the top of the Phoenixborn roster over the past several months, thanks to their explosive early game options paired with a very fast burn package to end games quickly. Phoenixborn life points have become very precious in the fast metagame Brennen has ushered in, and the means by which Brennen does so are difficult to interact with. Brennen’s Spirit Burn ability is at the heart of this hyper-aggression and will be changed from costing a side action to a main action, and can only be used to sacrifice allies, not conjurations. The combination of these changes go a long way to add interactivity from opponents into Brennen’s burn game, as eligible sacrifice targets have been reduced and the added window of vulnerability from the slower paced main action cost. On top of this, I feel it is appropriate for Brennen’s life total to match the speed in which they want to play, and is being reduced from 18 to 16. My hope is that Brennen moves from being a seemingly uncounterable aggressive threat to a Phoenixborn that still demands respect and consideration, but offers more avenues of interaction and counterplay on par with other Phoenixborn.

Three-Eyed Owl

This infamous conjuration makes a triumphant return, flying off the chained list and into our errata list. Much has been said in the past on this bird, and I am happy to provide an errata that maintains the spirit of the original design while leaving behind the issues it caused in the First Five. Three-Eyed Owl is being reduced to conjuration count 2, and receives an ability text box update. TEO’s signature Memory Drain ability will now automatically trigger at the end of the prepare phase, ensuring that it cannot be used to disrupt an opponent’s First Five. Additionally, TEO gains the new Peer 1 ability, allowing it to scope out a random card in your opponent’s hand to help you prepare for the future. TEO still represents a threat an opponent will want to answer, but they are no longer punished to a huge degree if they fail to prepare for it. I hope that fans of charm magic find this errata to provide an exciting breath of life back into the bird that was previously lost to the Chained List.

Indiglow Creeper, and a note on Hope Everthorn

This conjuration has seen a tremendous increase in power since the introduction of Hope Everthorn (a pretty funny name choice in retrospect). The reaction spell Double Down and Hope’s Duplicate ability took advantage of the Creeper’s life value of 1 and strong ability when it is destroyed to produce levels of battlefield value far exceeding what was intended from those cards. Hope has been another dominant Phoenixborn, packing a strong statline, fast aggressive tempo plays, and a robust unique spell in Void Pulse. It is clear the Hope using Indiglow Creeper was producing results well beyond other Hope decks. Through heavy consideration and playtesting, I have decided to issue an errata to Indiglow Creeper, and not Hope. Indiglow Creeper is being reduced to a conjuration count of 1 to prevent it from working with Hope’s Duplicate, as well as Double Down. Taking away Hope’s most exploitable conjuration, in conjunction with the Salamander Monk Spirit errata, has left Hope in what I believe is a healthy state. I expect Hope to remain a powerful tempo-based Phoenixborn, and one that players can find more joy in using and facing with the removal of the overpowered interactions that Indiglow Creeper provided.

Die Karten können auf der offiziellen Homepage heruntergeladen werden, werden aber auch der nächsten Expansion "The Frostwild Scourg" beiliegen.

Die FAQ Version 4 ist ebenfalls auf der Seite von Plaid Hat Games herunterladbar.

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